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Form valuations offers a permanent staff of highly qualified specialists in forestry and timberland
investments, and the international forest industry. Our team has proficiency in English, Dutch, Spanish and French, as a result of which we are able to work with our clients in many parts of the world.


Mr. Robert-Carl van Koppen is our main point of contact. He has more than 15 years of experience in the development and financing of sustainable forestry projects. He has working experience in South America (Brazil), Eastern Europe and Asia. Mr. van Koppen holds an MSc. degree in tropical forestry from Wageningen University. Plantation management, risk assessment, certification and marketing of forestry investments have been the focus in his work. His communication skills, vision on sustainable development and experience in investments in sustainable forestry are a great benefit to Form valuations.


Mr. Rik Sools is one of our main specialists in valuations. Being a senior consultant, he has extensive experience in the valuation and yield calculations of forest assets of both natural forests and forest plantations in Costa Rica, Ghana, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Cameroon and Tanzania. Mr. Sools holds an MSc. degree in Forest Management from Wageningen University. Over the past years, he has continuously worked on the optimization of the Form valuations NPV Tool methodologythrough various assignments to meet clients’ demands. In his work, he draws not only from experience of forestry investments, but also of forest management planning, forest inventories and reforestation. His thorough experience with the forestry sector, strong analytical skills, critical attitude and excellent understanding of forestry valuations are of great value to deliver sound Form valuations.


Mr. Rutger de Wolf is a senior consultant and has extensive experience in the valuation, modelling and yield calculations of forest assets. Mr. de Wolf holds an MSc. degree in Forest Management from Wageningen University. He has lived and worked in Suriname for five years where he acquired experience in forest growth and forestry business in the tropical context. Over the past years, he has worked on valuations assignments of both natural forests and forest plantations. Mr. de Wolf speaks fluent English and Dutch and has a good working knowledge of Spanish and French.


Mr. Peter Vullers is a charter accountant with extensive international experience in companies active in the industry and trade. He has been involved in the development and implementation (structuring, financing, monitoring, reporting) of business plans for investment projects in the agriculture and tea industry, in which sustainable entrepreneurship is a leading principle.



Mr. Tieme Wanders holds an MSc. degree in Tropical Forestry from Wageningen University and specialized in Forest Ecology and Management, and Restoration Forestry. Mr. Wanders has over 14 years of experience in sustainable forest management, certification and the associated stakeholder processes. As project director he is responsible for project planning, management and coaching of the consultants. He also works as a senior consultant for Form valuations both in modelling and as a trainer. Mr. Wanders has lived in Cameroon and Tanzania and speaks Dutch, German, French, Portuguese and English. Mr. Wanders is program director of IDH’s Congo Basin Program.


Mr. Paul Hol is founder/owner and Executive Director of Form international. He has extensive international experience as a senior forestry advisor and is specialized in Sustainable Forest Management, reforestation and forest certification. Besides Form international, Mr. Hol has initiated sustainable forestry investments through the establishment of Form Ghana and Form valuations.